About Us

A Premium Type 3 Cannabis company 

We Strive for the Highest Quality Hemp Products 

Our Story


We have a huge passion for the cannabis, our CEO has dedicated his adult life to the cannabis plant. In College he was writing papers about legalization and the history of cannabis. Then moving out of state in order to pursue his dreams in cannabis cultivation and working in the Colorado professional cannabis industry, while also sharpening his skills in marketing, sales, product development and understanding the in’s and out of the legal cannabis industry. After a 5 year tenor in Colorado and as Utah’s cannabis industry began to form Trevor moved back to his home state preparing to get involved.

Obtaining a medical THC grow license was out of reach for Trevor and there was a slim chance of being award with limited license available. Therefore Trevor decided to pursue a Industrial Hemp license and join the CBD industry.

We didn’t always have a farm. Trevor started his business growing on 3 acres of his fathers un used land getting his first taste “farming”, rather than just “growing”. Working raw ground and setting up irrigation over acres of land can be a learning curve for a new farmer. With persistence and abundance of help from family and friends the following year Ung Family Farms was born.

We continue to work hard every day with our family friends striving to provide the high medical grade Type 3 Cannabis Flower.

Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, Ung Family Farms uses organic practices in our cultivation. All of our flower is Delta 9 THC compliant and has supporting lab testing results available to review and ensure your Type 3 Cannabis flower.

Growing and harvesting cannabis is a big task

We understand the labor and finesse it takes to cultivate, harvest and cure the cannabis plant. In order to maintain terpenes profiles and bud structure we hang dry our plants, slow dry, slow cure and store our flower in air-tight food safe bags in our climate controlled warehouse. Burping our bags periodically, maintaining the beautiful appearance, smell and taste of our hard work.